Government General Degree College, Kalna I

Department OF LIBRARY “Bad libraries build collections, good libraries build services, great libraries build communities.” – R. David Lankes

The library of Government General Degree College at Kalna 1 started its journey since the inception of the college in 2015. It is an enriched, well equipped and furnished library.

The library has a large and rich collection of text books, reference books and e-resources for the users (students, faculties and other staffs). At present, more than 8000 books are accessioned in the library. Besides, to keep the library users updated with the latest research and development in various disciplines, the library has subscribed to the N-List programme of INFLIBNET where all the library users can remotely access a large number of e-journals and e-books from different publishers. In addition to this, library also provides reading room service, reference service, lending service, reprographic service and new arrival service.

From the very beginning, it has tried to cater to the demands of the users. The infrastructure and design allow users to enjoy the library facilities by enabling them to become better readers and learners.

  • Mon – Fri - 10:30 AM - 04:00 PM
  • Sat - 10:30 AM - 02:30 PM
  • Sun & Holidays - Closed
  • 1. Only registered members are allowed to use the library. Members should always bring their membership cards while using the library.
  • 2. At the time of entering the library, all personal belongings should be deposited at the prescribed counter kept beside the library entrance.
  • 3. Carrying of bags, folders, personal books or any printed materials, food articles are strictly prohibited inside the library. Users are only allowed to carry library books, copy and pen.
  • 4. Library authority will not be responsible for any one’s loss of personal belongings.
  • 5. Silence and Complete discipline should be maintained inside the library.
  • 6. Uses of mobile phones are not allowed inside the library.
  • 7. 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4thSemester students can issue four books and 5th & 6th Semester students can issue six books at a time for twenty days.
  • 8. A book may be re-issued for second time immediately after its return if the librarian is satisfied that it is not demanded by others.
  • 9. During issue every user is expected to check the physical condition of the book. At the time of submission if any damage is noticed then who is submitting the book he/she will be responsible for that damage.
  • 10. Any damage, disfigurement or loss of a library book will have to be compensated by replacement of the latest edition of the book, or in case of unavailability, by the payment of the current price of the book. If the book is one of a set or series they may be called upon to replace the whole set or series.
  • 11. Library services would be suspended if any user is failed to submit issued book within due date.
  • 12. Reference books, journals & magazines are not issued at all.
  • 13. Every library member must collect his/her library clearance certificate from the college library at the end of his/her study/service by submitting library card.

The above mentioned library rules may be changed or altered from time to time.

  • Content will appear soon.
  • Content will appear soon
  • Central Library, Government General Degree College at Kalna-I
Muragacha, Medgachi, Kalna-1 Block Burdwan- 713405

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Library Staff

Smt. Satabdi Mondal

M.A., MLISc, M.Phil.

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Shri Neeladri Shekhar Mondal

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Shri Shibu Hansda